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    Gas Strut End Fittings

    Gas Strut End Fittings are components and pieces of hardware designed for use with gas springs. Gas springs, unlike regular mechanical springs, use pneumatically stored potential energy to operate. Compressed gas is sealed inside an enclosed cylinder using a sliding piston, and the gas then propels a piston when the seal is removed.

    What are gas strut end fittings used for?

     Gas strut end fittings are used in the installation of gas springs, which are used in a number of different ways. They are often used in automobiles, for example, to support a tailgate when the boot is open, and office chairs, when the seat height needs to be adjusted. They are also used in medicine, aerospace, and in certain types of furniture.

    Types of gas strut end fittings

     There are a wide variety of gas strut end fittings, but some common types include:

    • Joints, including ball joints and ball and socket joints.
    • Mounting accessories.
    • Connectors, such as clevises, to attach the gas spring to other equipment.
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