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    Abrasive Wheels

    Abrasive wheels are needed when consists of an abrasive compound that can be powered to remove a substance from a number of materials. Usually powered by either a handheld angle grinder or a bench grinder, and are for preparing or finishing a surface.

    Deburring Wheels

    A deburring wheel (also known as a convolute wheel) combines an even blend of abrasive and offers a high cut-rate for a consistent finish. Deburring wheels can be used to clean, deburr and finish numerous materials from metal, plastics and glass. The fibre construction conforms well to help preserve irregular or contoured surfaces. Suitable for a variety of general purpose metalworking applications from cleaning welds to deburring and finishing.

    Polishing Mops

    Polishing mops are circular in design and are attached to several different types of the polishing machine. They are made from materials such as cotton or sisal. They are attached to machines and spun at high rates to cover greater surface areas. They make contact with surfaces, usually flooring with high velocity and scrub flooring through this applied pressure. Great for prepping surfaces before any manual polishing, as it can remove paint from metals.

    Sanding Wheels

    Sanding wheels are also known as flap wheels and are made from aluminium oxide or nylon grain with flexible cloth backing. Sanding wheels are more than 10 times faster than hand sanding and ideal for deburring and finishing the inside of holes and contours and providing excellent cut rate on low-pressure finishing operations. Sanding wheels are designed to sand pieces with contour or a profile. Sanding wheels are designed to be flexible and conform themselves to the shape being sanded.

    Grinding Wheels

    A Grinding wheel is composed of an abrasive compound that can be used for various grinding and abrasive operations. Grinding wheels and other bonded abrasives have two major components-the abrasive grains that do the actual cutting and the bond that holds the grains together and supports them while they cut. The percentages of grain and bond and their spacing in the wheel determine the wheel's structure. Suitable for most types of angle grinders, for use on concrete, brick, metal, stone and tiles.

    RS has a complete range for every application from some of the leading brands such as 3M, Dremel, Norton and our own brand RS PRO.

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