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    Glue Guns

    Hot glue guns are tools used for adhesive applications on many different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber, wood and a whole host of other substrates. Thanks to the simple and comfortable design, glue guns are easy to operate making them ideal for use in a range of applications.

    How do glue guns work?

    They work by heating a moulded stick of glue until it becomes viscous, then by squeezing the gun trigger the molten glue is forced through the gun's nozzle for application to the piece of work. These are also known as hot melt adhesive (HMA) sticks and come in a range of sizes as well as colours. After application, the glue will cool and solidify and is typically fully cured within 1 minute depending on the substrate and working conditions.

    Where glue guns are typically used?

    Hot Glue Guns are ideal for:

    • Prototyping
    • Engineering
    • Repairs
    • DIY
    • Hobby Crafts
    • General Assembly

    Glue gun sticks come in a range of sizes and colours, always ensure you are using the correct size stick for the gun in question. Glue stick colours offer a range of benefits if you are working with a particular material colour and have visible glue joints, coloured sticks can help to either hide or highlight joints.

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