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    DIN Rail Transformers

    What are DIN Rail & Panel Mount Transformers?

    DIN Rail & Panel Mount Transformers are mountable current transformers that transform a Primary Voltage to a Secondary Voltage. The advantage of these types of transformers are they can be mounted to DIN Rail & Panels to for ultimate control and versatility of a power circuit.

    How do DIN Rail & Panel Mount Transformers work

    DIN Rail & Panel Mount Transformers protect against short circuit, overload and electric shock as they are used with continuous electric loads. Mounting transformers control and isolate electrical power by transforming supply voltages. For example, a Primary Voltage Rating of 400V ac can be stepped down to a Secondary Voltage Rating of 230V ac. Alternatively, mounting type transformers can be stepped up from 230V ac to 400V ac.


    Mount transformers can be used in multiple industrial and domestic applications such as:

    • Medical Industry
    • Testing Power Devices
    • HVAC
    • Process Control
    • Where power transfer between 2 circuits in necessary

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