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    Pneumatic Sensor & Switch Accessories

    We have a great range of pneumatic sensor and switch accessories that can be used with various pneumatic equipment such as pneumatic cylinders, actuators, pressure sensors/controllers and vacuum switches. All our pneumatic accessories are made from high quality material and are suitable for many applications.

    Pneumatic sensor and switch accessories and fittings provide the link between various pneumatic system components, including hoses, tubes and pipes and can help with the smooth running, efficiency, safety and energy consumption of the whole system. Our range of air pressure powered tooling, equipment and accessories can be used in applications including construction, health care, pneumatic systems and can provide a more cost effective and safer alternative to electrical types.

    Types of accessories include:

    • Mounting equipment - brackets for cylinders, sensor mounting kits, clevis joint and clip, clamps for cylinders, fitting kit for sensors

    • Leads and Cables - various connector types and lengths, high flow rates, rubber seals, plug connectors, connecting cables

    • Adapters for switches

      Flow through Sensor fittings

    • Switch units for rotary actuators

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