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    Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves

    Pressure relief valves are used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems to safely limit or control the pressure within the system, preventing it from reaching or exceeding a predetermined set pressure level. By controlling the pressure in this way, many safety hazards can be avoided, such as equipment or instrumental failure, an upset in the process, or even fires. At RS, we have curated our range to include products from industry-leading brands, such as Bosch Rexroth, Hydraforce and Parker, with CETOP and line mounting options available.

    How does a pressure relief valve work?

    A relief valve is designed (or can be set by the operator) to open when a predetermined level of pressure is reached within the system to prevent equipment from being subjected to levels of pressure that exceed their design limits. A ball, spool or poppet inside the valve is positioned against a spring, and when enough pressure is present, these components will be pushed into position to open the valve. When the valve is opened, the pressurized fluid (liquid or gas) can flow through an auxiliary passage to a reservoir or the appropriate disposal methods, relieving pressure within the main system. Once the pressure is adequately reduced back below the predetermined level, the valve will close again to maintain pressure and flow rate.

    Where are pressure relief valves used?

    Pressure relief valves are used within hydraulics and pneumatics systems, such as those found in petrochemical and chemical manufacturing, petroleum refinery, natural gas processing and fluid power generation industries.

    What is CETOP Mounting?

    CETOP stands for Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques, the European Fluid Power Committee. CETOP is the communications platform for fluid power in Europe. CETOP mounting valves have a standard mounting pattern for modular construction. It ensures that any valves from any manufacturer, providing the CETOP pattern is the same is compatible with each other.

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