Pneumatic Drain Valves

Pneumatic drain valves are devices used in pneumatic air preparationto remove condensates from pneumatic or compressed air systems.

Why are pneumatic drain valves important?

Pneumatic drain valves play a crucial role in compressed air systems by removing condensates from the system without it needing to be shut down.

This is important because condensates can damage or reduce the efficiency of your system if not removed. For example, moisture can wash lubrication off tools and production equipment, meaning maintenance and downtime are required. Excess moisture can also cause rust and scale can form in the system.

Features and benefits of pneumatic drain valves

You can choose from different types of pneumatic drain valves depending on the application you need them for. Features and benefits may include:

  • Air valve design – uses a magnetic force to ensure both a positive opening and closing that will prevent any air loss.
  • Ball support and positioning system – prevents sealing failure around the valve stem.
  • Manual test button – provides confirmation of valve operation.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Drain Type Inlet Port Outlet Port Supply Voltage Body Material Seal Material Dimensions IP Rating Inlet Port Thread Standard Height Outlet Port - Thread Size Inlet Port - Thread Size Maximum Operating Pressure
RS stock no. 725-125
R 2,742.20
V9112 Automatic R 3/8 R 3/8 240V Brass Nitrile Rubber 123 x 96mm IP65 R 123mm 3/8in 3/8in 16 bar