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    Eye & Face Protection

    Eye & Face protection comes under the umbrella Personal Protective Equipment & Workwear and ensures the safety of you and others using either protective materials or disposable gear, depending on the application. Eye & face protection is a crucial part of daily protection in some workplaces, protecting the face and eyes against risks such as the projection of debris and metal filings from tools, electrical, thermal, radiation, hazardous substances, chemical/liquid splashes or potentially infectious materials. There are different indicators that guarantee different protection levels.

    Eye & face protection may be the single most important safety gear for lab technicians, healthcare workers, woodturners, machine operators, workshop engineers, electricians, welders and others. .

    Our eye & face protection range includes trusted brands such as 3M, Bolle, Alpha Solway, Honeywell, Kimberley Clark, Uvex and many more. Plus, our very own trusted, quality, brand, RS Pro, supplying leading protection that meets the required safety standards across several industries, including health, education, construction, utility, engineering, mining, manufacturing and others.

    What types of eye and face protection are available

    We understand the importance of quality and the legal requirements for protective equipment, so we stock a wide selection of eye and face protection to ensure we can provide items to meet your specifications. Our range includes

    • Safety Glasses / Goggles
    • Welding Goggles / Goggles
    • Face Shields
    • Welding Mask / Accessories
    • PPE combination kits

    Considerations to take when selecting suitable eye and face protection

    • Ability to protect from specific harmful hazards in the workplace
    • The fitting should be practical & comfortable to wear
    • The protection should not restrict movability or restrict vision
    • The protection should not restrict the functionality of any other PPE clothing or equipment required
    • Should either be disposable or reusable and cleanable