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    What are Mechanical Pencils?

    A mechanical pencil, also referred to as a retractable pencil, clutch pencil or propelling pencil, is a variant of a standard pencil, except that the lead is not fused to the outer casing but moves down the hollow centre of the pencil. As the lead point is worn away through use, the lead inside the pencil is mechanically pushed forward using a lead-dispensing mechanism to replace the worn point. Most mechanical pencils are refillable, simply purchase a refill pack of leads and insert into the leadholder.

    How do Mechanical Pencils Work?

    You press down, usually on the top of the pencil to trigger a pushing motion that will push a small piece of thin lead that you can then use to write or draw with.

    Features and benefits:

    • Fully retractable tip

    • Button clip for easy & secure storage in pockets

    • Some feature an eraser housing at the top of the pencil

    • Ideal for drawing with a ruler or stencil

    • No need for sharpening

    • Replaceable lead refills are cheap and easy to install

    • Spring loaded pencils available to reduce lead breakage

    • Cushion point

    Where might I use a Mechanical Pencil?

    • Ideal for engineers

    • In school for students

    • Home or work

    • In your business to cut down expenses on stationary

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