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    Laminator Pouches

    Laminating or lamination pouches are typically A4/A3 in size and cover their respective papers with a plastic with the intention to protect it from bends or liquid damages.

    How do they work?

    With the use of a laminator machine, you will place your paper inside the wallet and make sure the corners match up. You then run it through a heated laminator machine to create a heat and pressure that then seals the ends of the laminated pouch shut, enclosing the document or paper inside.

    Features and benefits:

    •Multipacks feature sometimes hundreds of laminating sheets making it easy for you to laminate several documents

    •Gloss finishes on all documents

    •Compatible with most brands of laminator

    •Easy to feed into laminators

    •Long lasting to keep documents free of dirt, liquid or moisture

    Where might I use one?

    •For important documents such as certificates, licences

    •In schools for pupils work

    •For your own projects

    •Restaurants to display menus

    •Any business that requires informative signs to be created

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