LED Beacon Lamps

LED beacon lamps are an electrical light source that consist of several LEDs (light emitting diodes), usually all of one colour. They provide 360-degree illumination and are very durable and long lasting. They are typically used as warning lights for security, industrial uses or process control, and can be flashing or non-flashing (also referred to as static/continuous).

Advantages of LED beacon lamps

LED beacon lamps are composed of a number of LED bulbs that all work together to produce a bright light. LEDs require very little power to produce a very bright light, which makes them suitable for low-power situations or where low maintenance and long life are needed. They are also capable of enduring shocks and vibrations, making them useful in harsh environments.

Types of LED beacon lamps

LED beacon lamps can differ according to the number of bulbs they have, the colour of the light produced, and also factors such as their voltage and current rating.

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Description Price Voltage Rating Current Rating Light Colour Intensity Lamp Base Viewing Angle Peak Wavelength Diameter Length Life Hours Number of LED chips Intensity per chip Bulb Type Lens Colour
RS stock no. 814-4984
Mfr. Part No.DL1BDB8
R 1,287.84
24 V ac/dc - - - BA15d - - - - >1000h - - LED Yellow