Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes, also referred to as fluorescent strip lights or tube lights, are a type of light bulb or lamp. They use fluorescence (emission of light by a light-absorbing substance or other electromagnetic radiation) to produce visible light. Fluorescent tube lights require a ballast to operate. The ballast regulates the current and supplies enough voltage to start the lamp.Standard Sizes:Fluorescent tubes are widely available in standard sizes known as T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12. The sizes refer to the diameter of the bulb. Each standard size is available in different wattages, colours and lengths to suit every application.T2 fluorescent tubes have a 7 mm diameter and are used within display cabinets for retail applications or in the home.T4 fluorescent tubes feature a 12mm diameter and are most commonly used for kitchen worktops. T5 fluorescent tubes have a 16 mm diameter and are used within offices, warehouses and kitchens. T5 tubes have a distinct advantage for office usage as they can be continuously installed in series. T8 fluorescent tubes have a diameter of 26mm. T8 bulbs are suited to larger environments and would typically be found in supermarkets, warehouses and hospitals. T12 fluorescent tubes are the largest standard size tube with a 38 mm diameter. This size tube is due to be phased out and will become obsolete. Why should I pick a fluorescent tube? Fluorescent tubes are a cheap and efficient way of generating light. Fluorescent light fixtures can cost more to install than incandescent options. However, they are more energy efficient. They use less energy and are more cost efficient to run. Fluorescent tubes offer an excellent range of colours. This stretches from variations on white to coloured bulbs such as red or blue. When choosing a fluorescent tube you must consider the number of lumens (lm) each bulb offers. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter your bulb will be. Another benefit to choosing a fluorescent tube is the distribution of light. Fluorescent tubes diffuse light evenly. While they are unsuitable for applications that require a beam of light, they are excellent at lighting wide areas without shadow. Fluorescent bulbs typically have a long life span (thousands of hours). Little or no maintenance is required for fluorescent tubes and they dont need replacing very often.DisposalFluorescent tubes contain mercury. You must dispose of fluorescent tubes safely as per regulation.

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RS stock no. 240-0294
R 2,943.86
24 W 1.4ft 420mm PL-L - - - -
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R 2,358.84
18 W 1.2ft 350mm PL-L - - - -