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    Heaters & Radiators

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    Heating our homes, offices and commercial premises is of paramount importance to keeping warm in the colder months and to ensure a comfortable setting in which to work or relax. There are numerous radiators and heaters all offering different heat types, mounting types, control panels, colour, size etc so you can choose which look and feel you require dependent upon your individual needs. Depending how much you want to heat the environment you are in, will very much depend on the type of heating appliance you use.

    Central heating radiators give off most heat and are a popular choice for many homes. Radiator heaters work by the water in the radiator being heated up, which then heats the surrounding air. Some radiators are oil filled rather than water. Oil-filled radiators work by heating the oil and are a great way to get heating on demand and are very energy efficient.

    Types of Heaters

    There are many types of heaters, that all do the same job, but in a slightly different way.

    Panel heaters heat rooms by warming the air, the panels have hot elements in them which heat the air as it circulates. Panel heaters are good for their slim design and fast acting instant heat. As well as the function for panel heaters to be wall mounted.

    Electric heaters use electricity as the main energy source and consist of heating types such as storage heaters, electric boilers, and underfloor heating sources. Due to renewable sources, electric heating is becoming more popular and a low carbon form of heating.

    Convector heaters are a brilliant idea and solution to warming up a room for a few hours at a time. Convector heaters or convectors use natural convection to move the heated air into the space required, making them far quieter than fan heaters.

    Fan heaters are small heaters that are portable and can be used for short periods of time to warm a room up.

    Heaters & Radiators can help support a healthy building by improving Thermal Health

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