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    Push-On Fasteners

    Push on fasteners are a type of hardware component that allow other components to be quickly and securely attached to a smooth linear shaft. They are typically made from stainless or spring steel to ensure a secure hold. Once applied, push on fasteners are permanent and cannot be removed.

    Types of push on fasteners

    1. Push on nuts: they are the most common type of push on fastener. These are most commonly known as external fixing washers, or push on retainers.
    2. Push on hat retainers: they consist of a cap that covers the end of the rod or shaft to provide additional protection to tools.
    3. Speed nut: a speed nut works by sliding onto the shaft in a radial (circular) motion which is then locked into position for a secure fit.
    4. Push-on bolt retainer: they have bolts and screws that hold them in place in a panel construction while a traditional nut is established.
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