Screen Cleaners

Screen cleaners are cleaning products designed for use with glass screens. They are effective for removing fingerprints, smudges and grime from all sorts of screens including computer monitors and modern HDTVs.How to use screen cleaners. Before you use the screen cleaners turn off or unplug the screen or monitor. Dust the screen remembering not to use paper towels or anything harsh.Spray the screen cleaner onto a microfiber cloth (do not over wet), using light pressure wipe the screen or monitor using wide movements.

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RS stock no. 823-2678
Mfr. Part No.80715
R 125.91
200 ml CD's, Copy Machines, LCD Screens, Scanner Beds, TFT Screens, Touch Screens Aerosol
RS stock no. 823-2542
Mfr. Part No.32221
R 229.43
500 ml Displays, Screen, Touch Screens Aerosol