Wire Brushes

What is a wire brush?

Wire brushes similar to a standard hand brush, are brushes fitted with metal bristles. The bristles are most commonly made from brass or steel for strength and longevity. Wire brushes can be used in a range of application such as within engineering for rust removal and debris cleaning. Non-sparking brass bristles are also available for safe working in dangerous environments such as gas work and underground works.

Types of wire brush

Typically a wire brush is made up of a handle, often wood or plastic, for handheld use. Other brushes can be found in cup or wheel format for us in machine tools. Wire cups and wheels can be used in a range of tools such as:

  • Angle grinders

  • Bench grinders

  • Hand drills

  • Pillar drills

Where can I use a wire brush?

A versatile tool, a wire brush, cup or wheel can be easily used for any heavy duty deburring and cleaning. Removing old finishes such as paint and other coatings can be easily tackled with the correct brush and large scale project can be undertaken with ease when using a power tool such as an angle grinder.

Hand brushes are ideal for cleaning and removing stubborn dirt and debris and light deburring of cut or ground parts. Along with cleaning, wire brushes can be used in the finish process especially on wooden surfaced for a weathered look.

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RS stock no. 124-8352
Mfr. Part No.NS804-290
R 775.99
Cleaning Metallic Surfaces Brass 28mm 290mm 4