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    Wire Wrapping Tools

    In PCB prototyping, sometimes it is beneficial to wire wrap a component rather than solder it. Wire wrapping can create strong, reliable point-to-point connections that are easy to repair, with none of the potential mess of manual soldering. By necessity, wire wrapping creates more contact between the wire and post, and so often results in a more reliable connection than soldering.

    How do they work?

    Wire wrapping tools are used to securely wrap wire around a PCB post. By applying even pressure they ensure that the wire wraps tight, with no loose or untidy ends that might compromise the connection. They work by holding the wire in a purpose built slot for the wire size, and then fitting over the post. The user can then manually twist the tool around the post, ensuring the wire is neatly compressed.

    The RS range of wire wrapping tools includes options to fit from 30AWG to 19AWG wire sizes.

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