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    Anti Static Brushes

    Anti-Static brushes are small, handheld conductive brushes with bristles that are suitable for safely cleaning PCBs(printed circuit boards) and other electrical components prone to damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge). The brushes help with static control and safely remove static electricity from sensitive or delicate components in cleanrooms and laboratories.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality brushes from leading brands including Menda, Sjm Eurostat and of course RS PRO.

    What are Anti-Static Brushes used for?

    Anti-static brushes are designed for dusting PCBs and other static-sensitive items from which particles must be safely removed. These specially developed brushes are ideal for cleaning delicate components, integrated circuits and workstation surfaces. They can also be used for cleaning computer backplanes and motherboards or bushing down workstations and anti-static mats.

    Features and benefits of Anti-Static Brushes

    The ergonomic handles of anti-static brushes are designed for comfort during prolonged use and are usually made of conductive metal or dissipative (designed to control static) plastic. The ESD brush is composed of conductive brush filaments. These tools are highly resilient, durable and abrasion-resistant. Unlike conventional brushes, you can use anti-static brushes to thoroughly clean ESD sensitive components or assemblies without the danger of high charges being generated.

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