Oil & Fuel Cans

Oil and fuel cans are containers designed for storing or transporting oil and fuel. They represent an essential part of workshop equipment to be used in many different applications, from costruction site to road maintenance.

How do oil and fuel cans work?

Oil and fuel cans function like any other type of can except they have special features designed to protect the contents and the user.

Most oil and fuel cans come with safety features to prevent spillage or accidental exposure to the contents. Some cans come with features such as slip resistant handles, spill-proof pouring spouts, or childproof screw cap locks for added safety.

Types of oil and fuel cans

Oil and fuel cans come in a broad range of materials, shapes and sizes to suit different needs, depending on the purpose for which the oil or fuel will be used. Jerry cans, for example, may be made from plastic or metal of different capacities and may be colour coded for easy identification of contents. Black jerry cans are commonly used to store diesel, while red jerry cans indicate fuels that contain lead.

Common types of cans include:

  • Oil cans
  • Jerry cans
  • Oil drain pans
  • Syphon pumps
  • Spray dispensers
  • Bench cans

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