PLC Racks & Enclosures

PLC racks are the simple components that hold everything together within a programmable logic controller. They're available in different sizes to suit the specific needs of a controller, and to hold more modules if needed.

How do PLC racks work?

PLC racks have a backplane at the rear that let the cards communicate with the CPU (central processing unit). A PLC rack can take many different types of I/O modules that just slide into the rack and plug in. A power supply is connected into the rack, feeding power to the modules that are plugged into the rack. Once you remove all modules you're left only with the power supply and the PLC rack.

Types of PLC racks

PLCs feature in devices that can be small enough to fit in your pocket, or industrially sized. Therefore some PLCs will need larger PLC racks with greater capacity. Variations between PLC racks include different backplane currents, widths, lengths and number of module slots.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series For Use With Module Slots Maximum Backplane Current Mounting Type Weight Unloaded Length Width Depth Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Dimensions
RS stock no. 147-938
Mfr. Part No.BMXXBP0800
R 4,856.85
Modicon M340 Modicon M340 8 - DIN Rail 0.950kg 372.8mm 103.7mm 19mm 0°C +60°C 372.8 x 103.7 x 19 mm
RS stock no. 148-177
Mfr. Part No.BMXP341000
R 11,728.38
BMX M340 Series 2 - DIN Rail 0.2kg 100mm - 93mm 0°C +60°C -
RS stock no. 148-149
Mfr. Part No.BMXXBP0600
R 3,643.39
Modicon M340 Modicon M340 6 - DIN Rail 0.790kg 307.6mm 103.7mm 19mm 0°C +60°C 307.6 x 103.7 x 19 mm
RS stock no. 820-8505
Mfr. Part No.BMEXBP1200
R 8,933.31
BMEXBP BMEP58 Processor, BMXCPS Power Supply, I/O Module, Specific Application Module 12 164mA DIN Rail 1.377kg 503.2mm 105.11mm 19mm 0°C +60°C 503.2 x 105.11 x 19 mm
RS stock no. 147-922
Mfr. Part No.BMXXBP0400
R 2,443.59
Modicon M340 Modicon M340 4 - DIN Rail 0.630kg 242.4mm 103.7mm 19mm 0°C +60°C 242.4 x 103.7 x 19 mm
RS stock no. 147-944
Mfr. Part No.BMXXBP1200
R 7,870.75
Modicon M340 Modicon M340 12 - DIN Rail 1.270kg 503.2mm 103.7mm 19mm 0°C +60°C 503.2 x 103.7 x 19 mm
RS stock no. 253-2256
Mfr. Part No.TSXRKZ02
R 3,118.58
TSX Micro TSX Series 250 - Plate 0.63kg 151mm 282.7mm - 0°C +60°C -