Contactor Timers

Contactor timers are devices that control the function of a contactor using some sort of timing device, whether it’s a simple countdown timer or a programmable clock. They come in a wide range of sizes and are designed to work with varying levels of load and current.

How do contactor timers work?

Contactor timers are connected to an electric circuit operating from a contactor. The timer may switch the contactor on or off at a pre-set time or times, cyclically or after a defined interval. Contactor timers can operate with extremely high currents for industrial applications as well as with the lower currents in simple household devices. 

Applications of contactor timers

Contactor timers are commonly found domestically in washing machines or ovens. They're also used in heating and cooling systems in commercial and industrial buildings. Many lighting systems, such as street lighting, use contactor timers to turn lights either on or off at specific times. Contactor timers in security systems allow lights to come on and go off in a pattern that gives the impression that a building is attended.  

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Description Price Range Series Number of Contacts Pole and Throw Configuration Normal State Configuration Timer Function Timer Range Number of Timing Ranges Contact Current Rating Contact Voltage Rating Coil Voltage Terminal Type Mounting Style Length
RS stock no. 837-6960
Mfr. Part No.1SBN020312R1000
R 1,514.92
AF Range TEP5 4 - - ON Delay - - 3 A 240 V - Screw Panel Mount -
RS stock no. 837-6964
Mfr. Part No.1SBN020314R1000
R 1,515.64
AF Range TEP5 4 - NO/NC OFF Delay - - 3 A 240 V - Screw Panel Mount -