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    Signal Tower Components

    Signal tower components, often known as click-together beacon lamps, are used on different devices and machinery for drawing attention to warning messages and fault conditions by providing a signal / visual alarm.

    How do signal towers work?

    Signal tower components are used in a wide-range of applications to achieve multi-status signalling. They are commonly used by mounting together to make a tower of up to six modules high. These towers can be used as single indicators or used as sounder modules.

    Different components of a signal tower

    Every tower beacon consists of the following essential components:

    Base units

    The signal base unit is the bottom area of the signal tower. This part has a terminal block for installation, wiring, top cover and gasket in order to support the whole tower construction.

    Light modules

    Light modules come in different colours for different types of lamps or light modules, including LED, strobes, and incandescent lamps and send out a warning signal.

    Audible Alarm Modules

    Audible alarm modules are attached to the top area of a completed tower unit. These audible alarms act as a warning/ alert signal to users.

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