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    Single Sided Foam Tapes

    Single sided foam tapes are adhesive products made for sealing purposes. These tapes have a closed cell construction to compress the foam. The foam is attached to an adhesive strip on one side, while the adhesive strip has an easy peel liner to prevent stretching during the installation process.

    What are single sided foam tapes used for?

    Single sided foam tapes act as sealants to keep moisture, dust and light from entering via gaps in machinery and equipment. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions, fungi and oxidation, and are used in the automotive, telecommunications, ventilation, aircraft and marine sectors.

    They are also used for cushioning, insulation, sealing, filling and gasketting purposes.

    Types of single sided foam tapes

    Single sided foam tapes come in various levels of thickness, length and foam composition. They can be closed cell or open cell and have different ranges of malleability and flexibility. Single side foam tapes have different levels of adhesive strength and fastening capabilities.

    The materials they are made from include PVC, neoprene and polyurethane, and they can be customised for cutting and dying purposes.

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