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    Transit Cases

    Transit cases are designed to offer complete protection of equipment during storage and transportation. These cases are supplied with or without internal foam inserts and come in a range of durable and heavy-duty materials to suit individual requirements. Typical applications include musical instruments, tools, cable equipment, photography and camera equipment.

     Aluminium and moulded cases are available in a variety of designs, colours, styles and sizes. Find out more in our complete guide to flight cases.

    What are the Key Features of Transit Cases?

    Rugged lightweight constructionHigh-quality protection for equipmentTailored internal cushioning and foam liningEnvironmental sealing to protect against moisture, humidity, rain, dust and chemicalsWheeled optionStackableWatertight or waterproofRetractable extension handle option

    What are the Different Types of Transit case?

    Small, medium and large flight casesStorm casesPlastic flight casesAluminium casesAluminium cases with foamPeli casesWheeled caseTransport shipping caseFoam caseMetal caseHard caseAluminium travel casePedalboard casePelican micro casePelican caseProtective equipment caseWaterproof cases

    Which Applications Would You Use Transit Cases?

    Transit cases are reliable protective cases used to transport fragile equipment securely and safely. Typical applications include musical instruments, test & measure, security, photography and video applications. Wheeled transit cases are ideal for use in events and exhibitions or when moving heavy or large items and equipment.

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